Drama Ministry

Saturday April 7, 2012

Morning Star Drama ministry presents
Easter production,
The Resurrection and the LifeA Spiritual Experience
Resurrection production musical featuring scenes and songs
from the life of Jesus

Sunday March 25, 2012

Directly after 9:30am service
Morning Star drama ministry
presents Pastor appreciation Pastoral skit
The Members Barbeque
A rewrite of the internet skit The Pastors Barbeque

Saturday June 30, 2012
Morning Star Drama ministry presents
Youth play, God is Always on my Side
Written by Arshamani Johnson
a serious look at the real life of a teenager as he faces
the challenges of school, bullying, and homelife

About the Morning Star Drama Ministry

Many people think that the idea of drama to the Christian Ministry is a new concept; but that is far from being accurate. In the Old Testament, God sent his prophets many times to act out his warnings and messages to the people rather than to preach them.
In the Old testament, God sent Ezekiel to act out and demonstrate the message of how his people would eventually be under siege, and be captured by the Babylonians, and God sent Jeremiah to the potters house to give him an illustrated sermon titled “I am the Potter and you are the Clay.” In the new testament, Jesus made use of many dramatic teachings called parables, so that the ordinary people of his day could easily relate to his message.

Today’s Drama Ministry will not only present the traditional Christmas and Easter etc. Biblical plays, but also modern day skits and plays that depict everyday life situations. These dramas may teach moral or religious messages using humor; or approach the subjects of Teen abstinence, drugs, bullying, or other social issues that society needs to benefit from. It is very important that the modern day Drama Ministry keep Jesus as its central focus.
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