At Morning Star, we are committed to building strong families; we are committed to discipleship. It is not enough to win the lost through evangelistic effort, it is imperative that we walk with them after they connect with Christ to help them through the many trials they face and build them up in the most holy faith so they can stand in Christ through the whole of their walk.
Our pastor is available for counseling and guidance to assist members and seekers alike as they determine their individual purpose in Christ and their purpose in the context of the local church and in the greater context of the universal Church.
In addition, our church serves the purpose of Discipleship to train the people of God to live a Christ-like life, as Jesus said “teaching them to do everything I have commanded you”.   We believe and are committed to the true task of Discipleship which requires a specific strategy to move a new believer from being a babe in Christ to a mature believer.

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